Innovation & sustainability

unique design preventing film breakages during the whole wrapping process
unique design preventing film breakages during the whole wrapping process


Meet a genuine Innovator, a value-added Producer, a customer-centric Supplier!

We are the world leader in the production of perforated and reinforced stretch films in the area of innovative flexible packaging for more than 25 years, and we do what it takes to deliver reliable products that fulfill your needs.

Innovation is our way to do it!

  • We are one of the top stretch film producers offering a wide range of high-quality wrapping solutions.
  • We value innovation and always aim to be at the cutting edge of sustainable packaging.
  • We are the manufacturer & supplier you have been searching for.

We have entered the agricultural market for Silage Bale Wrap and are looking forward to sharing our expertise with our new partners through innovative & sustainable products.

Our Fiber4SilageTM is A novelty in Silage Baling – A true field of possibilities!

  • A brand-new fiber reinforced multilayer film that creates a protection grid around the bale ensuring tight wrapping along with consistent film stretching.
  • The superior film strength due to this unique structure prevents tearing and breakages during bale wrapping.
  • The power of the fibers in baling makes this silage wrap totally irresistible!

The reasons behind our innovative technology are rooted in our deep understanding of complex customer demands, our passionate team of experts, and our ongoing research.

Τhe Ultimate Silage Stretch wrap.


We believe that sustainability and excellence go hand in hand!

Sustainability is important to us, and we are committed to protecting the environment. By cultivating our ecological consciousness and supporting long-term economic growth we constantly strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Fiber4Silage products are 100% Recyclable made of excellent Know How of Raw Materials & Production Process.

All of us in Megaplast we try hard to help building an environment in which our business can thrive. How do we do that?

Less Material – Less Waste

Reduced waste

Redused waste

Less plastic per bale

Less plastic per bale

Less material used

Less material used

So, a significant waste volume is being reduced thus supports a cleaner environment.

Fewer CO2 emissions

Fewer CO2 footprint

The energy of production comes from Renewable Resources (Certified) as well.

100% Recyclable

100% Recyclable Solution.

We can verify that Fiber4SilageTM Products are 100% recyclable. Our sustainable packaging products are manufactured with a co-polymer of ethylene α-olefin (LLDPE), which is also 100% recyclable.